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Main Hall - May 18, 2022

About our Discord community

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Right before we going to jump in to it, we would love to tell you a quick quote about how it all begin…


The founder of the community Mr. David (AKA) – Boblazar51-

“The first time i decided to dive in to the crypto world I was rookie , so lost honestly… i was shooting Darts In The Dark.

I almost got scammed 3 times along the way…

It’s a great thing I had good guidence from one of my best friends.

Where not to go wrong, and where I should be careful.

Sadly it isn’t the reallty for everyone to get that same chance!”


As you can see most of the big communities that you can find out there isn’t helpful in safety information, expressing your thoughts, and asking the right questions that regard your concerns and believes about the project you are looking at.

Mostly full with marketing,

Worthless Project’s that not getting the time to be really verified, scammers lurking on every corner.


V-team dedicating day and night to make the Crypto world a bit better.

Safe environment for beginners and more professional collectors to share thoughts, ideas, and even support each other values.


Our team made out of very talented and experienced collectors (NOT FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS)

that developed few criterias to select, and grade a real cause project out of the many frauds out there.


Mostly we are collecting public opinion regarding project’s, profiling them, and report back to the people.


None of the following represent investment consultation or replacing a proffesional investment consultation in any way that presented on the community server.

Simply exchanging thoughts and experiences between the Crypto community.