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Why you should join Thetribes as an Advertiser

Do you want to be part of the community of the fasting growing online content sharing freelance marketplace where advertisers get rewarded for their time and value contributed to the platform as against what obtains in the traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other web2 platforms that doesn’t reward advertisers for the value they bring to the platform?

If yes, it is with great pleasure I welcome you to a community where opportunity abounds for all. Having said that, here are some of the reasons why you should join us as an advertiser:

● Global Reach and Visibility

One of the benefits you enjoy when you join our community is access to global reach and visibility through our network of users across the nook and cranny of the world. Based on our recent audience report, we currently control thousands of visitors and users across all our platforms ranging website, Discord, Influencers audience, etc. We leverage all these to drive traffic to your service or channel.

● Targeted Audience

Our audience are highly targeted with varying interests, demographics and market behaviors that relate to your market needs and demands. So we don’t just advertise your product or channel to anybody.

We advertise to people who are actually interest in what you are offering.

About 1-30 highly productive workers working on your project simultaneously – with our army of highly effective digital service providers, you can always employ marketers and other online workers to work on your project.


The following are other benefits you enjoy on thetribes as an advertiser:

⦁ Creation and publication of about 1-30 different article talking about your products or channels thereby giving you more reach and visibility.
⦁ Designing of creative images of your product or channel for people to see and learn more about you.
⦁ Opportunity to hire talents as paid staff or employees out of the people creating content on the platform.
⦁ Opportunity to get promoted by big influencers and promoters joining our platform everyday.
⦁ Direct marketing with us through word-of-mouth to bring you specified number of views as much as you request.
⦁ Global spotlight on your project.
⦁ Mutual benefit – you support the value of our tokens, we also support you and your projects so its win-win situation for all.