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Main Hall - May 26, 2022

Alien art-line is here !

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It is noteworthy and at the same time interesting to note that long before the United States finally admitted that extraterrestrial life truly exist, we as an organization have been researching and collecting data from different sources and channels learning about the uniqueness and characteristics of these rare beings.

Based on our research findings, we know for a fact that it is only a matter of when and not if we going to have a formal encounter with these beings or not.

To this end, we have decided to raise the bar in the art industry and create a project called Alien Art-Line that is not only going to bring to limelight all these extraterrestrial beings, but also register its footprint in the sound of time.

Let us paint our vision for Art-Line for a second. Imagine for instance traveling out of this known physical world and rocket with our spaceship into an unknown extraterrestrial world that transcends the law of gravity to hold a meeting in the metaverse. That is unimaginable to say the least but achievable with Alien Art-Line.

We believe very strongly that this imagination will become a reality in no distant time with people all over the world reporting and sharing their experiences about the outter space and sightings. Art-Line will be at the forefront of this global innovation to save humanity and create an alternative home.

In line with this, we have created a funny urban alien art-lines that will be released each day starting from the launch date setting aside 50 alien art-lines for each art piece with the ultimate goal to create a market and community for alien lovers.

We don’t know if you have noticed, this project is the most suitable for passionate individuals like alien researchers, memorabilia collectors, and fascinating conspiracy theorists across the world who are looking for creative ways to express themselves and what they stand for.

Another irresistible green light for this project is the personality and competence of the artist behind this project. Xaliu is a seasoned artist and out-of-the-box thinker from Nigeria with years of experiences behind him. What particularly makes him outstanding is his ability to work hard for a long period of time and make you smile all through the night.


It is no longer news that V-tribe has began the process and quest to build one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art metaverse in the world backed by a massive community passionate about the metaverse and NFT.

We are greatly excited and can’t wait to unveil the project to the community, while we are sorting out our disclosure agreements, working on developing the project, mobilising fund to scale it up to meet industry standard thus we are confident we will release photos this week from within museum which people can see with their own eyes using VR.

The beauty of owning a part of the community is that every Alien holder support and own a stake in building an alien theme part on our Museum.

Now let’s talk about the fun part of the project, our utilities which include:

*Each alien is entitled to a 24/7 special access to our Museum VIP area in the Metaverse.

* Collaborations with several NFT related projects which gives more exposure to our gallery. 50% of the profits from our partnerships will be shared twice a year equally between all alien holders.

*Automatic slot to our next Supreme 3D alien collectible project that is currently in the process of development for discounted prices.

Follw the #《📢》alien-daily-release¡¿ to get updated for our new release.

💵Price: 0.03 Polygon

💵WL Price: 0.02 Polygon

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