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Main Hall - April 28, 2022

Amazon -5% after reports

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Is the signs of the economy slowing down is here?


but, is it the top? it might be, as the fed tightens , and the economy slow down its sign for stagflation, apple also erased 6% of intra day gains , but hold support at 156, looks like the market is not done with the fear, but it might have another leg up as everyone is too bearish ,

What makes a bear market? people that sale in a loss, so stop selling in a loss!! those are serious investors,

if you got into something because its cheap and you think future earning will be greater, stay, you probably wont regret it,

if you bought at all time high in this market , always remember , a big loss starts with a small loss πŸ’š so don’t lose over 2% in one deal

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