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Main Hall - June 17, 2022

Baked Beavers

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Doja Dam is a community bridge between Web 3 and cannabis culture. We will utilize our network between Web3, Cannabis, Fashion, and the Music industry to become a global brand. Baked Beavers are a collection of 8400 unique hand-drawn, meticulously crafted Beavers ready to make an impact on the stigma around NFTs and Marijuana use. You will find various nationalities and languages in the Dam, making it a place for everyone. Through streetwear merchandise, gamified tokenomics, and a team full of pioneers, the sky is the limit for what we can bring to the Solana ecosystem.

*Project name:* Baked Beavers
*Blockchain:* Solana
*Marketplace:* Magic Eden
*Supply:* 8,400
*Mint price:* 2.5
*Supply per Wallet:* Unlimited
*Staking:* No
*Tokenomics:* Yes
*Discord Link:*