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Main Hall - July 21, 2022

Cadbury Gems launched NFT Collection To help needy Children

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Chocolate brand Cadbury Gems has cooperated with NFT ecosystem firm GuardianLink to launch an NFT collection. Considerably, the NFTs component artworks brought by kids across India. Also, the chocolatier has co-operated with the nongovernmental system, protecting The Children, to utilize the funds from the NFT deals for the instruction of needy children.

The much favourite chocolatier, Cadbury Gems has entered the NFT area with its Junior NFT topic. Beginning this month, the brand will invite parents to upload their children’s paintings on its website. Thus, Cadbury Gems will make an online gallery showing the NFTs, which collectors can purchase from GuardianLink.

The budgets from the campaign will benefit the NGO, and protect The Children in its actions to teach poor children. The system concentrates on giving children back to school, purchasing them essential educational equipment, etc.

“This campaign inaugurated by Mondelez holds importance for us since both instruction and psychosocial assistance are evaluated significant sectors of Save the Children’s programmes,” announced Yasmin Riaz. Riaz is the administrator, of Resource Mobilisation for Save the Children, India. “The activity intends to give children a feeling of wellbeing and motivate them to participate towards securing liberties of children from communities.”

Established in 2016, GuardianLink is a forerunner in the blockchain and NFT area, having expanded its legality action, Omni Blockchain. the firm has expanded Anti. Rip and Wallet.Cipher technologies. With these technologies, GuardianLink shows off a track record of scalability, accessibility, and extensibility.

additionally, the firm has funded the inauguration of many significant NFT collections in India. This encompasses the record-breaking Amitabh Bachchan NFT collection.

Cadbury Gems Drops NFT Collection To Support Underprivileged Children

Chocolate brand Cadbury Gems has partnered with NFT ecosystem company GuardianLink to drop an NFT collection. Notably, the NFTs feature artworks were drawn by kids across India. Moreover, the chocolatier has collaborated with the non-governmental organization, Save The Children, to use the funds from the NFT sales towards the education of underprivileged children.