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Main Hall - June 6, 2022

Can blockchain realistically be utilized as a mechanism for voting at elections

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Now of course it is possible to develop an app that could accomplish this however this is not only a matter of technology but of politics and society.

Developing an app is actually the least of the problems, there has already been applications of utilizing blockchain to verify election results (although not through apps that users had on their devices, apps would be probably easier ) and this happened in Sierra Leona although not on its entire territory, it is an entirely different ordeal to organize something like this in the country that is as populous as the USA.

Also doing this through a voting app would be the most practical however would require everyone to have a mobile phone, and infrastructure to make such a thing a possibility, so this would for the time being brle limited only to the most advanced nations in the world.

There would also have to be a universal digital ID and although a lot of companies like, Giant, World Mobile Token, Ledger and even Microsoft are focusing their efforts on creating digital ID a lot of work still has to be done.

There has been blockchain application in all spheres of commerce and industry and tech from Telecommunications to sustainable energy to Space tech however these are mostly private companies that if fail, fail for themselves, their failure doesn’t have nation wide implications, any possible failure or breach of such a system can have catastrophic consequences for any country even the most stable ones.

We also need to take in consideration that the people who don’t have sufficient knowledge of what blockchain is could claim that somehow the elections are illegitimate, that they were stolen, that they were ‘hacked’ etc and although this would be without merit as far as the truth is concerned this could also lead to serious implications protests unrests and soon, just remember the last election and mailed votes.

My opinion is although the tech is mature enough (almost) to be implemented, social implications must also be considered and that for those reasons some time will have to pass before this is a reality.