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Main Hall - June 23, 2022

Cincinnati University Adopts Cryptocurrency in Its Curriculum

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  • The University of Cincinnati to launch two new courses on crypto later this year.
  • The courses will be offered via the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.
  • BNB Chain partners with the University of Zurich to boost blockchain education.

The University of Cincinnati (UC) in the US state of Ohio is launching two new courses on cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and new financial technologies as a part of its curriculum. The courses are funded by UC’s longtime supporters, Dan Kautz and Woodrow Uible, and will be offered through the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

As reported by Cincinnati’s local news portal WLWT, the donation will also cover the establishment of a public-private lab space within the new Digital Future building, which will open later this year.

Speaking of the integration of such a lab into the institute, Neville G. Pinto, UC’s President, is hopeful that “this new lab will open more doors for our students and bring new partnerships across our growing campus.”

Dean Marianne Lewis, Ph.D. expressed his gratitude to the donors by saying, “Thanks to Dan and Woody, our students will gain hands-on, experiential education in this new frontier of financial technology.” Further commenting on the development, he stated,

Our students will learn how to manage cryptocurrencies and how such digital assets impact our economy, positioning UC as the regional leader and among the top universities nationally with this kind of program.

On the other side of the globe, the Binance-led smart contract platform BNB Chain has announced a partnership with the Blockchain Centre of the University of Zurich to take part in the upcoming three weeks of the university’s International Summer Schools for Blockchain Education.

With ‘Deep Dive into Blockchain’ as the core theme, the students will be offered insights on crucial blockchain concepts, including Consensus Model, Smart Contracts, Assets in the Ledger, Data Storage in blocks, identity, and governance. BNB Chain Labs’ Director of business operations, Alvin Kan, will coordinate the program as well as games, NFT, and Data & Research.