The Tribes



Thetribes is made specially for you!

We build on the shortcomings of the existing platforms and take online freelance job platform to a whole different level. Now is your opportunity to get recognized by industry sharks and get rewarded with amazing tokens while offering your skills.

On our platform, you will not only be able to earn tokens by offering your skills, but also exchange it for goods and NFTs. That’s killing two birds with one stone without the need to work hard to find job.

Benefits you will enjoy by joining us:

1. The tasks that are given on Mission page are coming straight from advertisers and Industry sharks, which means that if they like your work you can get hired straightaway to their team after completing the task.


2. Possibility of getting seen by potential clients. When you share your portfolio, it is possible for your works to be seen by potential employers browsing through their feed.


3. While creating for us you will have the rare opportunity to gain and trade our amazing tokens.
If you need more information on our tokens, follow these links – (link to page)


4. As you collect more tokens and hold, the better and stronger the community will become.


5. Creating a strong working community that can assist each other in several areas.
Part of the benefits in holding our tokens is an opportunity to speak your voice and to give your votes on almost all the subjects relating to the community.
How can you have impact on the decisions of the community by holding the tokens?

The founders Mr. David and Mr. Daniel created this ecosystem with a unique vision for the future in mind.
Usually when two people or more come together and start creating a plan, they believe they own the plan and nobody can really intervene along the way.

Sometimes this works, but we have discovered that in order for us to lighten up the hearts of people, we need to take notes and listen to their desires and wishes in order to have a healthy and working community.

Thus, anyone that holds 1 NUGA$ he’s entitled to vote on all community issues and actions.

For example, holders can vote on the following:


i. Determine the value of the tokens right before launching to public sales.

ii. What channels need to be open on our Discord community and the values that they will present.

iii. Number of organization’s employees.

iv. Whether to bring investors and funding or not.

v. Terms and conditions of any contract for our community.

vi. Determine the perfect time to send our tokens to Binance exchange.
The list is not limited to this. We are open to future updates.

You are one of us, your opinion matters, your skills matters, you are a part of a great ecosystem that takes care of all your important values.
Start by earn 1 NUGA and start influencing decisions that will be made!