The Tribes


Main Hall - July 11, 2022

Crypto Legends Collection

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Number of Pieces: 9,999 (Male & Female)
We reserve the right to reduce supply for ecosystem stability


Our world is full of legendary people. All of us have an immense light within, all of us have our own superpowers built into our DNA. When the light from the source is properly nurtured, it has the power to transmit cosmic forces of positivity and change.

These forces within us are of a planetary nature, size, and scope. Within each of us is an active solar system no different than the cosmos.

Legends are majestic and enlightened beings, charged with the duty of keeping balance in the Universe.

Naturally, Legends exist in both genders. Each NFT is manually selected and crafted by our team with precision. Legends will be purchased in a revealed state, therefore allowing you to directly purchase your forever Legend.

There will be three tiers:

  • Base Legends (90%) at 0.19 ETH,
  • Rare Legends (9%) at 0.99 ETH,
  • Mythical Legends (1%) will be auctioned.

Presale: 999 Legends (August 2nd)
Public Sale: 9,000 Legends (September 2nd)