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Main Hall - July 19, 2022

CryptoPunks is up by 558%, soaring to the top of the weekly rankings

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The Leading Over BAYC Collection

However CryptoPunks is in the news this time after the NFT collection had a great week. On Crypto Slam, the well-known NFT collection is at the top of many lists. Even though the markets are getting better, CryptoPunks still has a higher rating than the BAYC collection.

The CryptoPunks collection is back, and it’s at the top of the NFT sales chart. In the past week, the collection has made more than $25,3 million in sales, which is a 558 percent increase. In the same amount of time, BAYC made just over $12.4 million. Still, analytics platforms are keeping a close eye on the fast sales. Santiment said that the number of Punks OTC trades has gone up over the past 30 days. At the time, a CryptoPunks NFT worth 120 ETH ($140k) was the largest transaction ever made. The Number of Sales That Counts
Over-the-counter (OTC) trading in the NFT sector has become more popular in recent months. It lets clients get their favorite non-fungible tokens for a low price or for free. NFT Finance (or NFTFi) protocols are also becoming more interesting to holders and potential buyers. NFTFi also offers services like lending, borrowing, and renting holdings in order to get more people involved in the NFT market.

Every day and every month, CryptoPunks has the most NFT sales. Crypto Slam says that daily chart sales have gone up by 391% to $7.11 million. The recent rise in CryptoPunks is due to the fact that the NFT market grew a lot over the past week. The crypto disaster of the second quarter has been hard on the NFT market, with prices falling quickly.