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Main Hall - June 24, 2022

Cybee NFTs collection minting is live

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The largest NFT community, as well as a sizable Dapp and GameFi ecosystem, are what Cybee DAO seeks to build, in order to benefit all holders and generate passive income.

Mint price: 0.02ETH

Utility of the project:

  • You will receive the Cybee DAO membership and $CBD token rewards once you mint a Cybee. In the interim, you can purchase a ticket for Invite to Earn, receive an airdrop of 3D Cybee and NFT Derivatives, and participate in the Cybee Ecosystem game to win $CBD.
  • A share of the net revenue generated by Cybee DAO will be distributed to all holders at a predetermined interval, such as quarterly or yearly, in addition to the appreciation of NFT. Based on the ratio of their ownership, the sum will be determined.

Our contact link/ project details:

Block Chains: Ethereum