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Main Hall - July 7, 2022

ENS Domain Name 000.eth Sells for 300 ETH

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An Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name which reads ‘000.eth’ has sold for 300 ETH ($320,000), which, according to NFT analytics platform NFTGO, makes it the second most valuable asset of its kind. The only ENS domain name to trump such a price tag is ‘paradigm.eth,’ which sold for a whopping 420 ETH back in October 2021. At the time, that equated to around $1.5 million. 

The landmark sale comes a couple of months after the Web3 community went into a frenzy after hype surrounding numerical domain names from 0000.eth to 9999.eth all of a sudden emerged. Within that momentary period of excitement, the most notable sale was that of ENS domain name ‘555.eth,’ which went for $150,000. 

Throughout this time period, an exclusive Discord server called the ’10kclub’ also gained a lot of publicity. As its name suggests, the server only permits those with an ENS domain name which solely possesses a number between 0-9999 to join it. Although such a premise may appear straightforward on the surface, it will be interesting to see whether the new owner of 000.eth, as well as the owners of 0000.eth, 00000.eth, and 000000.eth (i.e. four parties who each own an apparently ‘worthy’ domain name) can join the server, or whether only one in particular is eligible to join.