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Main Hall - May 3, 2022

HOT PROJECT | Matuki Labs

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Project name: Matuki
Blockchain: Solana
Marketplace: Magic Eden
Number of Pieces: 2222
Mint price: 2sol
Current price: 2.9sol
Mint Date: April 13
Doxxed?: No
Tokenomics:  No
Discord Link:

Social Media:
Instagram: No Active Instagram Account

Twitter:  @matukilabs (11K)
An average of 110 Likes, 86 Retweets per tweet (last 5 tweets)

Discrod: 2156 Members, an average of 410 Reactions per announcement

A bit about the project:
Matuki isn’t the same as any other project on the market.
First of all there isn’t any art, drawings, images or anything of that kind.

Matuki created a multi-chain Launchpad-based project which gives back royalties to the holders for each project launched on their platform.

As I said before the whole project revolves around Matuki’s Launchpad which provides service for both Solana and Ethereum NFT projects.

For each project launched through their Launchpad, they’ll give 60% of the profits to their holders.
 100% of the royalties they earn from projects they already launched are also given back to their holders. The airdrops are delivered in Solana.

The collection has 3 tiers of rarity:
Tier I “Black Pass” 1900/2222 – Earn 60% of the profit pool
Tier II “Gold Pass” 222/2222 – Every benefit Tier I has and additional benefits aimed towards artists and project founders such as Launching your project along with free consultation in exchange for burning your Pass
Tier X “Platinum Pass” 100/2222 – Every benefit Tier II has along with the option to get whitelist spots given to Matuki by projects using their Launchpad.

The next project-launch will take place during this month (May) and each holder is said to receive approximately 0.3 sol.

My opinion regarding the project:This concept of passive income isn’t something we saw around NFT space, and I really think this project can be revolutionary, BUT, it all depends on the services Matuki provides and the Launchpad’s success.
This means that no matter how revolutionary and rewarding the project is for its holders, there won’t be any reason to hold a piece if Matuki won’t have clients.

The project isn’t doxxed, they only tell us they a bit about how they met each other, nothing more than that.

The community – it isn’t big nor really active, we don’t see much of engagement in any of the social media platforms either.

An interesting thing to see, is that the FP leaped from 0.6sol (last week) to 2.9 today (03/05/22).  Almost a 500% jump in price

For such a low FP, and with Solana hitting rock bottom, it’ll be a shame not purchasing at least one “Black Pass”, and the only reason I say it is because this kind of project was never seen before, and if their Launchpad does well, the investment will definitely return itself.
Before you decide on doing anything, DYOR!

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