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Main Hall - October 17, 2022


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The bedrock of a Web3 business is a solid community, the majority of which is an online community. Therefore, it is really important to know how to grow your community. Below are five easy steps;

PUT A FACE TO THE BRAND; It goes without saying that people appreciate it when there are faces to represent the brand and when it has a human touch to it.It makes them connect better with the brand.

HOLD CONTESTS/AIRDROPS/GIVEAWAYS; These are really effective ways of directing new followers to your social media pages. The attention of the already existing followers gets retained as well. Cool, right?

ORGANISE TALKS AND AMAs FROM TIME TO TIME; let your followers have an avenue to connect and meet with the people behind the brand. Entertain their questions, talk to them about new developments, plans, and so on. That way, you earn their trust.

USE HASHTAGS; they are phenomenal. You have to use them sparingly but effectively, though. Whenever you make posts, use appropriate hashtags. That way, your posts will pop up whenever people search for that particular hashtag. It encourages more people to visit your page.

EMPLOY HUMOUR; be entertaining. Don’t be all serious at all times. Make and distribute relevant memes! Build a fun community!

CREATE VALUE; give people a reason to follow you. Create offers and values that are mouthwatering and really too good to miss out on.

Growing an online community is a continuous process, it doesn’t just happen in a day. You have to be consistent and unrelenting. If you would rather dedicate your time to other parts of growing your business, you can delegate growing your community to marketing agencies that know their onions. The Tribes Marketing Agency sits on top of the list.