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Main Hall - July 29, 2022

Hyperminter Brings Batch Minting NFTs To The Tezos Blockchain

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Tezos has positioned itself as a more energy-efficient blockchain for various purposes. NFT minting is one such use case, and the new Hyperminter tool is a crucial development. In addition, having the ability to batch mint on Tezos is a significant step forward.

Batch Minting NFTs On Tezos

Artists who eagerly explore the NFT space will acknowledge not everything is as easy as it may seem. When dealing with creating multiple NFTs, it is often a painstaking process. While ecosystems like Ethereum and BNB Chain make it relatively easy to batch mint NFTs, Tezos did not have such a solution. That has changed since the launch of Hyperminter, making it easier to mint a series of artwork or music.

With Hyperminter, it is no longer a requirement to upload images one by one, manually pasting the details and descriptions, adding the same tags, and all other tedious tasks. More importantly, creators don’t need to wait for minting to complete before starting on the next one. Instead, they can now create dozens of NFTs through one procedure and experiment with Hyperminter’s various features.

Batch minting NFTs on Tezos is very straightforward and accessible. Creators select the collection they want to mint to the OBJKT marketplace – other platforms will be supported in the future – and upload multiple files at once. Every uploaded file becomes an NFT item. Additionally, the batch minting process lets you add tags, royalties, or descriptions to all assets in a few clicks.

However, creators can make special edits for individual items through a convenient data-changing feature. In addition, there are other customization options, including the order items are listed in. Keep in mind that Hyperminter is still in beta testing for now, although the developers are confident the current version is close to the final version. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see batch minting NFTs come to Tezos.

NFTs On Tezos Keep Growing

When people talk about non-fungible tokens, they tend to overlook blockchains that are not Ethereum. A shame, as networks like Tezos offer viable alternatives for creators, collectors, speculators, and enthusiasts. There are five marketplaces to choose from – OBJKT, Hic et Nunc, Fxhash, Kalamint, and Rarible. Moreover, OBJKT will be supported through Hyperminter batch minting NFTs, and it is a matter of time until the others are integrated.

This past month, Hic et Nunc surpassed OBJKT in trading volume, with $56.45 million versus $50.48 million. However, NFTs on OBJKT fetch a higher average price , although Fxhash has the highest average price overall. As Tezos now supports batch minting NFTs, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for NFTs within this ecosystem.