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Main Hall - July 16, 2022

IDG NFT in Partnership with Award Pool to Launch NFT for Brazilian football star, Richarlison

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TORONTO, ONTARIO (July 15, 2022) — Award Pool is thrilled to partner with IDG NFT to launch an engagement campaign and star-power NFTs for Brazilian football star, Richarlison.

Richarlison is one of Brazil’s leading football stars. With an Olympic gold medal (Tokyo 2020), he is listed among the call-ups for the Brazilian National Team and currently plays as a striker for Everton.

IDG is a global digital collectibles company specialized in content creation of NFTs, Memorabilia and Fan Experiences.

Award Pool enables brands and content creators to gamify campaigns with their integrated white-label, customizable widget and NFT marketplace.

“IDG is very excited about launching the NFTs of one of the biggest stars in Brazilian football. We invite all sports fans to check out Richarlison’s collection!” Says Sylmara Multini, Founder and CEO of IDG.

Richarlison’s collection has a total of twelve cards. There is a promo card, five original cards, two special cards, and three rare cards with special effects. The two legendary cards include memorabilia. IDG makes utility a priority with their NFTs, the first legendary card series includes an autographed jersey and a meeting with Richarlison!

“We are thrilled to be the platform helping IDG bring Richarlison’s first NFTs to the world. Together, Award Pool and IDG intend to create a new way to get engaged with today’s biggest football/soccer stars,” says Reuven Cohen, Founder and CEO of Award Pool

Visit IDG today and start collecting your Richarlison NFTs.