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Main Hall - July 6, 2022

In 2024, NFT and Web3 gaming consoles are expected to be released

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The developers say that a working version of the console will be ready in “a few months,” and that it will be compatible with eight different blockchains and have its own digital wallet, token, and marketplace.

“Building the goods and infrastructure for Web3 gaming,” says a company called Polium, which says it is making a game console that can run on several blockchains and accept nonfungible currencies (NFTs).

The “Polium One” console from Monday will be available in the third quarter of 2024. It will be able to run Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, Immutablex, EOS, and WAX.

The only thing we know about the console’s specs is that it will be able to run in 4K Ultra HD at 120 frames per second. With the help of its community, Polium hopes to have a working prototype of their console in “a few months.”

Multi-chain cryptocurrency wallets and wallet buttons for faster trading on the controllers of the console are expected to be a part of. With the controller’s fingerprint scanner, you’ll be able to make sure that transactions are safe and valid from the console.

We don’t know how much the console will cost, but Polium plans to make a Polium Pass NFT that will let people get a console on the first day it comes out. As a thank-you for buying a pass, you’ll get an extra NFT that you can use to stake for PLAY, the console’s native token that can be traded in the future on its marketplace app.

In Q3 2024, Polium Pass subscribers and partners will be able to get the first 10,000 consoles. In Q3 2025, the general public will be able to get more consoles. It wants to sell more than a million devices by the end of the year.

People have said that the company’s logo looks like that of the Nintendo GameCube. Polium said, “That is an original logo.” It said it didn’t copy the design.