The Tribes


Main Hall - May 16, 2022


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MasterSword is an NFT project with great potential and exciting opportunities as there will be many rewards for the community and hodlers of the NFT. As stated in our discord server, our main goal is to create a solid community capable of having a common interest with unique utility in art and diversity. There will be lots of advantages and benefits for early hodlers and users who believes and supports the project.
Our collections will be arranged in four sections which include:
1. The 8 special and very rare characters.
2. 100 Swords with more advantages.
3. The story and narrative behind this project is very compelling and presents a special way of seeing NFTs thereby bringing future advantages to those who own it.
4. Large collection of 5000 animated and unique NFTs that will be added to the others to be able to complete the roadmap within the deadline given.
Considering MasterSword NFT made it to one of our verified and approved NFT projects, here are some criteria and benefits we considered before picking it:
⦁ Red car – Tesla Model S Plaid giveaway for those who own a MasterSword NFT.
⦁ Money with wings – $50,000 giveaways (divided into $10,000 to 5 people) to those who own an NFT MasterSword.
⦁ Cocktail – Exclusive event in Switzerland opening of the art gallery (Future explanation and objective)
⦁ Game die – Innovation in seeing NTFs
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