The Tribes


Main Hall - July 15, 2022

Mekarim NFT Collection

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Chaos is spreading all around the globe. Nobody can tell us where they came from or what they are. Something out there had discovered us. Marked us as their next target!! The Yomas… WE TRIED TO STOP THEM, BUT THEY WERE TOO POWERFUL! They rose up against us. Mekas and Cyborgs were created to defend humanity, but over time they became useless against them… We mounted a resistance, but we were defeated & destroyed. Earth is theirs now. The few that left of us left Earth behind to find a new place to build, To call home….But things were never the same.. The few Mekas that remained were dismantled or destroyed during the Great Purge. After so many years our scientists are recreating them to get our planet back…. back to Earth…



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