The Tribes


Main Hall - July 13, 2022

Mutant Soldiers Collection

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After years of horrifying experiments, the Mutant Soldiers were formed. Grotesque, mysterious and terrifyingly powerful, these mutants are not just weapons of war anymore – they’re humanity’s next stage of evolution… or so it would seem.

Our first NFT collection is the Mutant Soldiers. These mutated super soldiers were born in a time referred to as “The Endless Expanse”, and were the result of biological, robotic, nanotech, and radioactive experiments. An evolving world requires an evolving species to not just keep up but also thrive!

But there’s more. A second NFT collection will soon be revealed, so stay tuned!

By being a holder of an NFT from The Endless Expanse sets will grant you multiple privileges:

Firstly, you will receive free access to TradersSynergy – your gateway to financial freedom. TradersSynergy is an elite trading group that focuses on cryptocurrency to help you take your investment to the next level.

Secondly, proceeds from the sale of The Endless Expanse NFTs will be used to invest in upcoming projects, businesses and crypto ventures, which will directly benefit our community! Holders will earn a percentage of the profits, which will be airdropped directly into their crypto wallets.

Find more information below, or on our discord.