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Main Hall - June 17, 2022

NFT Tickets to the Olympics 2024 French

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The NFT is making its way to the 2024 Olympics
In recent days it has been released to the press
that the French government intends to sell the tickets
to the Olympic competitions in the form of NFT.

Yes, you read that right! Apparently,
an event that caused such a large and official body
as the French government to start acting in order to organize
entry to the games using blockchain technology

is probably the Champions League final event between Real Madrid and Liverpool.
There were about 2700 fans who bought a ticket and managed to enter the game,
claiming that fake tickets entered the game
So what do you think? Maybe 2024 will indeed be the first international to use blockchain technology to prevent counterfeit cards? 🤔 If so, I would love to hear what you think will be the next class (of this magnitude) that will use our favorite technology? 🤓