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Main Hall - May 16, 2022

Our Criterias for NFT Project Valuation:

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Based on extensive research, here are some of the criteria to consider when valuing an NFT project:

1. Search on Rarity using Rarity tools, Rarity sniper, NFT catcher & how-rare to find early stage or new projects. With this, you can see how much the pre-sale is going to be and the public sale as well, how many pieces was created and how many discord + twitter members they have that could potentially participate in sale when the project launch or go live. It also helps to see when the project started to get traded on Opensea. If by the time you see it, it has more than half owners this means people love the project, well appreciated, and has potential.

2. Check the Twitter account of the project and watch for real followers and posts engagement. For example, if a project claim to have 10,000 followers but have only 10 comments on the pinned post that means their followers are fake, perches and not worth your time.

3. Check the discord server, how many channels do they have, how many people are active, how many people are chatting in the server. This is a very important indicator to determine the level of interest people have for the project.

4. What is their road map? This criterion is used to know and measure the goals and milestones of the projects and the deadline for each milestone.

5. What is the real utility of the project? The utility has to be something with a real value for the buyer. For example, there should be an actual return on profits, precious physical goods, real world contribution for safer or greener world not just a trip somewhere or helping someone with charity (something that has no real-world use case).

6. Are influencers shilling the project on social media? If influencers with more than 50k followers on twitter or YouTube are talking about the projects, pay attention to it.

7. It is also a good criterion to consider if big companies and corporations are the ones creating or promoting the NFTs.

8. It is also a good indicator when countries are joining the loop of the Crypto & NFT markets.

9. Another criterion worth looking at is to know how many offers each NFT piece is getting. For example, if 10 pieces is getting offers and how frequently they get it – if you see around 5 offers within two days in all the 10 pieces then it is a hot project.

11. Who are the founders and what is their track record? Have they built successful project before or made any other innovations?

12. Search for the pre-pump, follow the graphs on Opensea to see the start of the uptrend. ^

13. Note that 95% of the projects will collapse after the secondary re-lapse in the market. Our job is to omit as many trash projects as possible and stick to the ones that worth your time and criteria.

14. The artist behind the project is also important, recruitment of real artist that has both local and international recognition is a real deal for the success of the project.

15. Finally, ask yourself, what story the project is telling is very important to collect and to preserve the community.