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Main Hall - July 9, 2022

Reddit Goes Live with NFT Avatar Feature and Marketplace

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Self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit, has continued probing ever deeper down the NFT rabbit hole. Now, taking to the blockchain with its own profile picture marketplace and onboard crypto wallet.

For its launch, Reddit has unleashed 87 unique designs by artists from within some of its most celebrated communities, issuing them in limited runs for fixed prices from $9.99 up to $99.99, payable via bank cards through the Stripe payment system. Once purchased, users can then store them via Reddit’s onboard Vault wallet, display them on their profiles, and trade them openly on the secondary market.

To get involved, Reddit members must first join the r/CollectibleAvatars subreddit, then register their wallet. Following which, they can select their desired Polygon-based NFT and customize their profiles. According to sources, the new NFT avatars will open up to all Reddit users in the coming weeks, while an additional ‘mix and match’ feature will soon allow users to enhance their profile pics further.