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Main Hall - November 12, 2022

The Development of Web3 Marketing Techniques

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Are you about to step into the Web3 world? Do you need some suggestions for marketing strategies?

This article explains why marketing on Web3 requires a new strategy and presents tried-and-true tactics.

Why Would a Company Want to Integrate Web3?
Starting with the advantages, the reason why a company should think about using Web3 concepts and principles has multiple layers.

The Blockchain Is a CRM: A bespoke relationship management (CRM) system isn’t all that the blockchain is. Due to the fact that a person’s purchasing history is tracked and made publicly accessible on chain, it is the most effective CRM and customer retargeting solution in use.

The blockchain allows you to do the reverse of what Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter allow you to do, which is remarket to someone’s probable purchasing behavior based on their identification. Even if you don’t know someone’s identity, you may be certain of what really matters: their actual purchasing habits.

How does that help a company? Consider a scenario in which your company sells non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to a set of customers who store them in their wallets. You can thank them by making your collection exclusive to their wallets when your subsequent NFT collection releases. Partner with us today and never look back. Visit our websites to learn more: