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Main Hall - June 19, 2022

The Hype About Sneaker Heads NFT Collection.

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Fashion enthusiasts are up for a surprise as Sneaker Head is all set to introduce it across the digital realm.

Blockchain is readying itself to become one of the most powerful mediums of the future as its tamper resistant database of transactions are consistent and can be dealt with across multiple nodes, being cryptographically secured against retrospective manipulations.

This robust feature has been the reason for its exponential rise over the years, with many stepping into this zone to capitalize on its potential. Sneaker Head is one such project which has come up of late based on the blockchain technology, which looks promising as it is a one of a kind offering that aims at bringing the fashion industry into the Metaverse.

Sneaker Head consists of 8,888 NFTs crafted by talented and expert designers and developers who are well experienced in the industry having delivered remarkable, cutting edge product in the form of digital collectibles that exist around this project. The project very well brings together the world of fashion and digital ownership, which makes it stand out from the rest across the Metaverse.

There are a lot of opportunities for holders as they get access to the evolutionary fashion industry in the digital world. There would be a wide array of exclusive digital collection of well known fashion brands which Sneaker Head holders can get hold of.

The creators inform that it took more than two months to create each of its Sneaker Heads to make it look best. The entire creation process right from the materials and textures were well thought of giving fantastic end results which exude high quality owing to its detailing in fabrics and overall look.

The entire collection Of 8,888 NFTs will be directly available for minting on their website. The links provided in their social media accounts or discord can be followed for accurate instructions. Users will know which character, ethnicity and clothing style they have successfully minted after the artworks are revealed.

The details about the NFTs rarity can be verified across two services – Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper.