The Tribes


Main Hall - June 6, 2022

Trippin Apes Tribe – Not a cult

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*Project name:* Trippin Ape Tribe
*Blockchain:* Solana
*Marketplace:* Magic Eden
*Supply:* 10,000
*Mint price:* was 0.2 Sol

*Doxxed?:* Yes
*Staking:* No
*Tokenomics:* No
*Discord Link:*

*Social Media:*
Twitter: @TrippinApeNFT (364k+)
Average of 1500 Likes


An Ape Styled in a psychedelic way. 
Also have started mushrooms style NFT and A Journal 
That has come to support the theory of the Not Culties 😛 

This is a massive community with over 420k in discord 300k in twiiter. 

Not Sure, Only the art for now. 

*My opinion regarding the project:*
I really start to like it. they are good marketers and preform very well. 
Their mint price was 0.2 Sol and now you’ll find it goes around 100 Sol