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Main Hall - June 18, 2022

TYGA-T10T NFT collection

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T10T, the collection of 10,000 unique NFTs by TYGA and Kreation with artworks created in collaboration with 25m42 & Leo Caillard.

*Project name:* TYGA-T10T
*Blockchain:* Solana
*Marketplace:* Magic Eden
*Supply:* 10,000
*Mint price:* 2
*Mint Date:* TBA
*WL Size:* 9403
*Doxxed?:* Yes
*Staking:* No
*Tokenomics:* No
*Discord Link:*

*Social Media:*

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Even though this project is not super hyped I am flying all over it.
I wish I had the time to complete my tribe collection.
Definitely support those artists, good luck. <3

and i let them give their words: from magiceaden

T10T, a collection inspired by the historic Pharaonic tombs and deities of Ancient Egypt cast into the distant technological future, the T10T NFT collection harnesses ancient aesthetics and cutting edge contemporary digital art deeply rooted in the CryptoArt space. The PFP collection is composed of 10,000 unique NFTs, each showcasing a vast array of forms, neons and compositions portraying an alternate universe and cosmos. The NFTs feature a variety of traits allowing for varying levels of rarity within the collection. Furthermore, the project has Metaverse and gaming connectivity with wearables and play-to-earn (P2E) functionalities as well as exclusive IRL benefits and unrivaled VIP access to Tyga via Metaverse performances. Produced by in partnership with HOFA Gallery’s artists, 25m42 and Leo Caillard brought to life from a 3D scan of Tyga himself, each unique licensed NFT comes with its own traits and rarities attached.

T10T is an independent IP series curated by Tyga with creative partner in the face of Ryder.

The main goal of the collection will be to allow holders to participate and vote in the creation of a decentralised IP and brand as a whole. The long term marketing and community idea would be that the collection drops a celebrity 1/1 NFT over a fixed period of time (bi-weekly / monthly) and airdrop it as a personal gift from Tyga to the chosen individual.

  1. Phase 1: Community vote on the first 1/1 opens
  2. Phase 2: A full body version of T10T is introduced
  3. Phase 3: Metaverse wearables by Tyga are introduced and made available. All in line with his style and Ancient Egypt motive.
  4. Phase 4: T10T official merchandise is launched
  5. Phase 5: T10T metaverse changing room feature is unlocked
  6. Phase 6: Avatars become cross-verse.

Each NFT holder receives the following benefits:

  1. Vote in the community choice for each next 1/1 NFT
  2. Holders own the IP of their NFT and use the asset freely.
  3. Vote on any roadmap changes and design ideas.
  4. Access to exclusive T10T merch
  5. Users will be rewarded with a choice between partaking in a Tyga song or taking part in an exclusive T10T event upon reaching certain transaction levels.