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Main Hall - July 17, 2022

US legislators question EPA, DOE control of crypto mining, energy use

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U.S. lawmakers think crypto mining is “problematic” for power use and emissions, while Paraguay is prepared to provide the crypto enterprise, encompassing miners, inducements.

Democratic lawmakers from both cabins of the United States Congress have sent a message to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Energy Department (DOE) to notify them of their conclusions on the power consumption of cryptocurrency mining and imploring the factors to require mining to document their publish and power usage.

Meanwhile, the Paraguayan Senate, the upper house of that country’s lawmakers, has ratified a detailed statement to govern cryptocurrency and enable miners to utilize additional electricity produced in the country.

The six U.S. legislators, directed by crypto pessimist Elizabeth Warren, notified in their message that crypto mining in the United States has been improving since it was prohibited by China last year.

The seven crypto mining companies that responded to the legislators’ proposal for information implied a united capability of 1,045 MW of electricity, which is comparable to all the housing in Houston, TX, the fourth biggest city in the country.

The power use of crypto miners is increasing rates for other customers, the message alleged, referring to administration and academic studies and a press report. It rejected the reacting miners’ lawsuits of energy sufficient announcing, “These and related pledges about clean power usage vague a simple fact: Bitcoin miners are utilizing big amounts of electricity that could be utilized for other preference end utilizes that contribute to our electrification and environment goals.”

The analysis indicates that crypto miners utilize an unreasonable percentage of energy with limited to no public acknowledgment.

⁠US lawmakers ask about EPA, and DOE monitoring of crypto mining emissions, energy consumption

U.S. legislators suspect crypto mining is “problematic” for energy use and emissions, while Paraguay is ready to give the crypto industry, including miners, incentives.