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Main Hall - November 11, 2022

What Distinctions Exist Between Web3 Marketing and Web2 Marketing?

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Business model paradigms are currently undergoing a transition. The company that manufactures the product, the customer who purchases the product, and the investors who profit from the product’s success and sale are the three kinds of entities that are involved in both Web2 and traditional business models.

In Web3, the categories of business, customer, and investor merge into a unified, community-focused group of stakeholders that are all tied economically.

When a Web3 NFT project is properly designed, all of the community’s stakeholders are motivated to collaborate in order to construct and develop the project, evangelize (sell) the project, and expand the community. In actuality, rather than the original project’s creators, the majority of the Discord groups for NFT projects are moderated by ardent community members.

These ideas are already being implemented in Web2, so if they sound familiar. People collaborate to construct open source ecosystems every day, promote goods through referral marketing programs, and assemble online communities on social media to celebrate their favorite brands and products.

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