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Main Hall - May 18, 2022

What Makes a Strong Crypto Community?

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3 Tips and tricks to create a strong community to support your project


A robust crypto community can help your idea acquire funding. So, before launching your project, the first step is to build a cryptocurrency community to promote your idea. Building a crypto community, on the other hand, is a time-consuming process that demands patience and dedication.


Fortunately, let’s say you don’t know how to start a crypto community. In that situation, you can enlist the assistance of a crypto community-building firm or platform like Thetribes. Professionals and resources are available to help you quickly establish a community if you hire an expert in crypto marketing. We’ll look at how to build the best crypto community in this article.


Create a compelling story for your project


A tale or story can be a great way to emphasize your project’s goals and benefits. The story should pique the interest of both new and old members of the society. You can teach members about the importance of your initiative to them and society through the story. Remember that your initial goal should be to indoctrinate your team with the project’s principles, values, concepts, and viewpoints toward community members.


Bitcoin is an example of a project with a compelling story. The proposal describes a new asset class that will liberate individuals from the current monetary system, which rewards the wealthy while marginalizing the poor. Bitcoin is the new asset class, which is based on the disruptive blockchain technology.


The Bitcoin tale also implies that the asset ensures that each individual is treated fairly. This means that no one will be able to turn Bitcoin into a weapon of oppression.


With the Bitcoin moving tale, many people who didn’t believe in Bitcoin have become its evangelists.


Leverage Social Media to expand your community


When it comes to explaining your crypto marketing plan, social media platforms are crucial. You can utilize social media to build and grow your largest cryptocurrency groups. Remember that there are many people online who are interested in crypto initiatives. Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and YouTube, according to Coinzilla, are the greatest social media platforms for the crypto sector. Members can also engage on specialist platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Bitcointalk.


Interact and Engage with your Community


When you are done creating your crypto community, it’s important to keep it active and alive. You can do this by using different strategies, including:




Social media contests


Meme contests


Trading races






Bounty programs


In conclusion, you now understand how to build a crypto community. There are several methods for growing your crypto community. However, we’ve found the most effective tactics to employ in order to achieve the finest results. The only thing left for you is to follow and act on them.