The Tribes


Featured - Management - April 23, 2022

The Tribes White Paper

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A decentralized social network, allows communities to evolve without institutions.

DAO decision approach, every coin holder can vote.
Everything in the Brand can be changed. including the name, the technology, everything.

Freedom of speech will be included in the DAO.
Economy of the brand will be included in the DAO.
Equality of opportunities, anyone can take his share by adding value to the network.

Our decentralization tool – BlockChain Coins

Nuga – 1 Coin = Proof of Collective Human effort
Black Rock – Proof Of Human Engagement
White Rock – Proof Of Human Creation
Owning rocks gives the right to vote on the future of the tribes.
Those are some of the coins that will be integrated into the system.
You can open your own tribe, with your own coin.
the coins will also play other rules as the community evolves, eCommerce, and such

your contribution to the tribe’s flourishing will get you coins and status.

Examples to contribute to the tribe:
Sharing content, Designing a Theme, Developing a feature.
Finding a bug, Requesting a feature, the reward can be prolonged,
Meaning, you do it once and earn lifetime coin rewards

We have proposed an open-source social network not relying on trust in any single entity.
Giving the option to every person to impact the greater collective