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Main Hall - June 22, 2022

Zero Gravity Club, a story-driven NFT collection

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The Zero Gravity Club is a story-driven NFT collection of 3,500 unique Characters who hold their own storylines and identity in the Seven Planets of Zero. Greek mythology, extraterrestrial kingdoms, and medieval warfare are all combined in this community’s epic plot, which will totally blow your mind. Oh, and it is unquestionably the best and most enjoyable community on earth. Joining the Zero Gravity Club entails becoming a part of a group of orbiters that are passionate about exploring the unknown, becoming a part of a larger narrative, and dreaming of what space will be like in the metaverse.

The utility of the project includes:

  • drop our 100 Genesis Novas: 30 Supernovas (legendary) and 70 Genesis Novas.
  • The 7 Galaxy Map and Character Hierarchy
    From different planets to kingdoms to the scary unknown, we absolutely cannot wait to introduce the community to the world we’re creating.
  • ZGC Podcast
    Release the first ZGC Podcast series, Oneshots, to further bring to life the experience of “The Seven Planets of Zero
  • Full Collection Launched
    3,400 new Novas with 70 of them being Supernovas and 3,330 being Novas. Mint price will be 0.08 ETH.
  • ZGC Memberships
    Launching an exclusive “The Seven Planets of Zero” Discord Server.
    The ZGC Membership allows anyone to be a part of the thriving community, ghost-voting, and more without holding an NFT in the ZGC at a minimal rate.

Our contact links/social media handles:

Blockchain: Ethereum

Market place: https//

Website:https: //


Discord: https: //